The 5 Must Have Electronic Toothbrushes of 2020!

One little smile a day goes a long way. And for your smile the most important part is your teeth. Teeth are the most vital organ of human body and taking care of teeth is one of the most important daily routines for any civil human being. The modern-day technology brings you some of the best options of electronic tooth brushes that we will discuss in this article. Recent research has found that gum disease can result in early mental decline such as Alzheimer’s, while poor oral health can also lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, dementia and male sexual health problems. After conducting research on a lot of available electric brushes from leading brands in market this list provides the best ones just for you. Most of these are battery equipped and very compatible with the present-day companion apps and Bluetooth connectivity to help you track your brushing and also identifying potential oral problems.


the biggest decision that you have to make is whether you go for an oscillating brush or sonic brush.

Oscillating-rotating brushes have a small, circular brush head that targets individual teeth, while the brush head of a sonic toothbrush (Philips Sonicare the leading brand) is similar to that of a manual toothbrush. Oscillating designs (read: Oral-B) rotate at between 2,500 and 7,500 brushes per minute in comparison to around 300 manually. Sonic brushes, on the other hand, manage an estimated 30,000 brushes per minute. According to a test the oscillating-rotating toothbrushes performs better, but in a similar research survey favored sonic models, while many trials rank them equally good at removing plaque. But, one thing that is certain and even being advised by the dentists is that an electric toothbrush is significantly better than a manual toothbrush.

Let’s list the top 5 toothbrushes of 2020 to your advantage.

  1. Philip Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart 9500

Your mouth will thank you for the investment if you go for this Philip brush.

Combination of five cleaning modes, three intensity settings and four different brush heads meant we spent ages brushing, whitening, polishing and tongue cleaning. And that’s even before we got to the smart Application features and neat touches such as the brush head replacement alerts. If you want to discover more about how you brush your teeth, and improve upon it, this is the best option for you. The application syncs over Bluetooth and tracks your brushing and with the help of a mouth map, highlighting if and where you need to brush more, the brush itself vibrates and lights up if you press too hard. Once you’ve finished the two minutes clean it will also show you which teeth to go back to for a more thorough cleaning. Once you’ve finished the two minutes clean it will also show you which teeth to go back to for a more thorough cleaning. It tracks your brushing routine. Also, the build quality here is also worth a mention, being leagues ahead of anything else, feeling solid and expensive, with a good (14-day) battery life, stylish glass charging stand and practical travel case that can be charged via built-in USB cable, not two-pin shaver socket. It has the greatest build quality with good battery life and superb clean capability although it is a bit expensive and the app is slightly overkill.

  1. Oral B iO Series 9

Headline features on the Oral B iO Series 9 include 3D Teeth Tracking using A.I. via the smartphone application to monitor brushing, seven brushing modes including sensitive, ultra-sensitive, whitening and tongue cleaning, it knows when you’re pressing too hard, and when you’re not exerting enough pressure, there’s a color screen, countdown timer, effort-based emojis and fast charging on it. Also, even without the smart features it cleans great, it has a count down timer, moody emojis for if you miss the full 120 seconds cleaning. Its battery life is good, with a magnetic charger in a case. It is helpful for deep, thorough cleaning; green light indicates good brushing; A.I. like a dental hygienist on tap. Its cheap travel case; countdown timer hard to read; do we really need emojis?

  1. Foreo ISSA2

Foreo ISSA2 is super stylish having a body and bristles of hygienic silicone.

It has 16 power levels and two brush heads one that is completely made of silicone and one that combines silicone and soft bristles for a very gentle clean. It can be charged using USB and it will warn you when the battery is running low instead of just running out of steam mid-brush, although that won’t be an issue all that often, as the battery can last an entire year on a single charge. Positively it has 16 power levels; stylish design; hygienic silicone; gentle cleaning but negatively it looks a bit like an erotic toy.


It is an extremely simple brush with one mode and two minutes timer along with 30 second interval vibrations.

It’s basic but beautifully executed, the design is slim and the metal handle verges on the luxurious. (A cheaper plastic option is also available). The brush head is soft and has silicone bristles around the edge for gentle gum cleaning. Flip it over and there’s a small area of rubber designed for cleaning your tongue. The slender body and case make it ideal for travel, the rubber strip on the case lid sticks to the mirror and once in place you can’t accidentally turn the brush on which means a: you don’t risk a flat battery when you arrive and there’s no chance of being mortified at check-in as your luggage vibrates. Weighing only a little more than a traditional brush we found ourselves brushing manually in conjunction with the vibrations, which didn’t give great results. Patience is a virtue with this one, and it will take getting used to, especially if you’re a fan of firmer bristles. It has very good cleaning, it is compact, it has slim design and its simple to use although having a learning curve.

  1. Oral B Genious X

This brush has six independent cleaning modes. They are pro clean, daily clean, sensitive, tongue cleaning, whitening and gum care, plus timers to make sure you brush for long enough and pressure sensors to prevent you from pushing too hard. It has Bluetooth connection option to track how long you are spending on each tooth. In the end you get scoring out of 100 on your performance of brushing. In addition to the cleaning modes, it has oscillating design with USB charging. Also, it is very light with practical application and exceptional cleaning capacity. To its negative side it is expensive and it doesn’t have A.I. benefits.

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